Meet The Team


Violet Cannon is born and bred in Yorkshire. She lived roadside until the law changed and made that part of the culture illegal. She comes to YTT with a wealth of experience, including Author, Presenter, Researcher and Consultant. Violet has held senior roles within Gypsy Traveller Projects for over 14 years. Violet is believed to be the first Gypsy Traveller to hold the senior paid role within a Yorkshire Gypsy Traveller Organisation.

Violet Cannon Director

Admin / Community Support Worker

Debi white has worked at YTT for 3+ years, the first 2 years were as a volunteer. In February 2017 she was appointed as the Administration Office. Previously she had been self employed in the leisure industry. Due to her keen interest and desire to empower the community, she sometimes works along side the Support Workers. Debis family are from the Gypsy/ Traveller community.


Debi White



JRCT Staff December 2011

Stephen Pittam

Secretary & Treasurer:

Martin Williams

Caroline Hunter

Dinah Mulvenna

Claire Wilson

Remembering Percy Roberts

A tribute to a former trustee who made a big difference

Press  to read an article about all his good work:

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