About the Trust

York Travellers Trust

The Trust was set up to work with Travellers, in a support and advice capacity, empowering individuals and the community to make the most of their opportunities.

We believe that every individual should be treated with respect dignity and that people should have the opportunities, support and encouragement to exercise control over their own lives.


  • To provide support, guidance and enabling services so that individuals can develop their independence, to maximise their inclusion in everyday life and society.
  • To work alongside the Travelling community in an advocacy and assistance capacity, offering specialist advice.
  • To encourage and empower Travellers to make better use of the opportunities that society has to offer.
  • To educate the settled community in understanding and accepting Travellers in society.

Unless otherwise stated all images are the property of York Travellers Trust. These images may not be used without our expressed consent. Please email travellerstrust@gmail.com for more information.


YTT is a Living Wage Employer

YTT is happy to announce that we have been accepted as a Living Wage Employer. We are proud to receive this award recognizing YTT as a socially responsible employer, playing a part in improving quality of life for employees.


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