Easter at the Trust



We have done crafts and had a visit from the Easter Bunny too!


James Street Flood on Minster FM


 1:47pm 19th April 2016

Travellers should be able to return to their flood hit site on James Street in York tomorrow (Weds).It follows repairs to the site by the City of York council.

Ten families are still unable to join their neighbours because their caravans were destroyed and they have nowhere to live.

Back in December after the Foss and Tang Hall beck burst their banks the whole area was engulfed by dirty muddy water. Homes were ruined and thousands of pounds of damage was caused. Due to the fact that part of the site is in a dip the water couldn’t escape. Homes were evacuated but to add to the misery there were thefts of goods that were left behind,

Now Repair work has been completed over the last few months and many of the residents are due back in tomorrow.

AUDIO – Christine Shepherd – Chief Officer York Travellers Trust

Moving Forward Together Conference 2013

We held our Conference on Friday 17th Jan in Partnership with TEMSS & York St John’s University. Over 140 delegates from all over the UK came, attending a variety of sessions on subjects ranging from health to literacy. The day went fantastically well and (we hope!) was enjoyed by everybody there.

We will be releasing further information and details shortly on our Moving Forward Together Website which will give much more information on individual sessions and outcomes from the day.

Thank you again to all those who attended.